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BMWi - Manager Training Program

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Education should be accessible to all. You must not make any class differences. (Confucius, a Chinese Philosopher)

After the political and economic opening of the Soviet bloc and the increasing internationalization of the markets, the responsible authorities have been quick to recognize in policy that the countries of the South and the East have to be supported especially in the education and training to find a way out of their precarious economic situation.

Based on this understanding, the International Management Institute (IMI) has been established in 1991 by the state government of Baden-Württemberg supported by the economy and divided into the following areas:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Developed and developing countries
  • Brazil

The primary task of IMI is to educate experts and executives from these countries in the areas of

  • International management,
  • International marketing,
  • Company management,

to establish locally appropriate partner institutions and to facilitate entry into Western markets.

Our services are customized to the specific needs of countries.

The following is offered:

  • Seminars, workshops and integrated know-how transfer program
  • Conception, organization and carrying out of programs at home and abroad
  • Individual counseling of participants and establishing contacts with potential future business partners and institutions of trade promotion in Germany
  • Follow-up activities in home country
  • Assistance in international project proposals
  • Construction of training centers and partner institutions on site
  • Organizing cultural and country related framework programs

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