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Seminars for the export economy

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SEFEX stands for "Seminars for the export economy." SEFEX aimes primarily at medium-sized companies that have a need for further training in special issues of export and foreign business.

SEFEX-Seminare are also offered as company-specific training programs. Conception and implementation of customized in-house training are carried out in close consultation with the customer. They are aimed at companies and employees of the exporting economy, which and who are active in all areas related to international business, both indoor and outdoor service, or in foreign branches and want to expand their knowledge and update.

International marketing, procurement and financial / contractual issues are basic contents of the seminars, which also reach over in-depth topics, such as handling of export transactions and the European internal market, as well as specific issues such as use of computers in international business, negotiation and business languages.

Internationally experienced university teachers assume keynote lectures in the seminars and act as commentators. The practical approach of the seminar contents is guaranteed by numerous international experienced speakers.

Depending on the nature of the seminar topic, entrepreneurs and executives or managers, desk officers and clerks occupied in international business can be participants.

Contact: Cornelia Röhm
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