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Web Based Training

Since the year 1983, the Export Academy has been a competent and reliable partner in all matters relating to strengthening the competitiveness of companies and organizations.

All training courses have been developed and used in conjunction with the Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen of Steinbeis University Berlin SHB and GiMA Consulting Company for Integrated Management mbH.
Our seminars and trainings for managers, executives and technical issue specific qualifications are conducted among others as blended learning courses. In the online part of the course, we use web-based training modules (WBT).

Make yourself a picture of the interactive training modules. Start the respective demo WBT and test individual, selected lessons of our WBT.

  • Competence check for Cluster Management and cluster internationalization
  • IMLead ®  Integrated Management & Leadership
  • Open Innovation (tutorial video)
  • Innovation management demo
  • Company management with IMLead ® Concept
  • Marketing for services and trade

Technical requirements for the WBT implementation is the use of the most current Flash plugin from Adobe in your browser (available for free at www.adobe.com Download Portal Copyright © Adobe Systems).